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A logo is often what comes to mind when we talk about branding. But a logo is only one piece of the branding puzzle. At Journey, we get to the core of what your brand represents and work strategically to build an identity that truly reflects the essence of your business. Our team work with you to gain an intimate understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you want to present your brand to the world.

From here, we work on creating a package of visual elements that will reflect your brand story at every touch-point. This includes the logo, colours, typography, illustration style, imagery and tone of voice. A brand style guide or brand guidelines will then ensure that your brand is represented consistently across all channels.

If you are embarking on a brand identity or rebrand project, talk to us. Brand identity design is a key part of Journey’s expertise and we love working with clients to develop distinctive brand identities for their companies, products and services.

Our Approach


Our approach to developing your brand starts with understanding your business and goals, as well as the target audience and market. We listen to our clients and work with them to truly understand the essence of their business.

2. Design

The next step involves translating your essence into a visual language that effectively communicates your brand story.

Once a brand identity is finalised it’s good practice to develop brand guidelines to ensure consistency and promote brand integrity at all times..

3. Support

We aim to be a support system for your business, providing you with a range of services and advice relating to the use of your brand.

We are here to help with rolling out your new identity online, in print and everything in between.

Some Brand Identity Projects

Check out some of our finest moments

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