A Children's Guide to Wexford

Gearing up for a huge new summer marketing campaign, TL Marketing – the PR agency appointed by Wexford Tourism – approached Journey with an exciting challenge: to create a children’s activity book that not only got kids excited about puzzles, but about Wexford too.

With a rich history, family-friendly attractions and a myriad of outdoor activities, we wanted to educate and excite kids about Wexford, whilst making that learning process fun and engaging.

The result was ‘Wexford Passport to Fun’, an interactive guided journey through some of Wexford’s highlights via fun games, colourful illustrations, and stories and facts about the county. Families were invited to pre order a free passport that was jam packed with ideas for the ultimate family holiday. This passport format allowed kids to learn about places they visit on their trip, and tick them off as they went along. Participating Wexford Tourism members were given stamps to stamp the children’s passports when they visit the attraction, just like a ‘real’ passport.

We carried out extensive researched and designed one-of-a-kind puzzles, word games, spot the difference, colouring in, and many other activities specifically about Wexford supported by beautiful custom illustrations.

In addition to the Passport itself we designed supporting collateral, including social media banners, digital and print ads, Luas Columns, and a website sign-up page.

The final product delighted visiting children and parents alike, making a memorable and tangible souvenir to help preserve holiday memories for years to come.

Here’s to all the amazing adventures ahead!

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