Tour Company Website & Rebrand

Our partnership with UWalk began with the objectives of updating their brand identity, improving their digital presence, increasing site traffic, and generating more leads. In this case, our client is in the group travel and tourism industry, so online quote requests and completed contact forms constituted a goal completion.

The old site had a few issues we have endeavoured to fix. The main issue was the potentially confusing structure of the site. There was a lot of information available, scattered across a lot of pages. We have re-arranged this content in to a simplified structure and considered the journey users will take to access this information.

One of the key downfalls on their old website was the lack of professional images, which we know is the most important part of a tourism site. Journey collated a huge bank of new images creating responsive galleries for every tour, with the intention of igniting that spark of excitement in the potential customer. We also replaced the static image on the homepage with a beautiful video that gives the viewer a flavour of the adventure they can embark on.

We redesigned their admin area to make it easy for staff to add and edit tours. Even if the staff member had very little technical knowledge, the backend is simple and intuitive whilst displaying everything perfectly on the front end. Not only does our system make the site much easier to use, but it provides a clear structure for each tour. Information such as pricing, what’s included, highlights and itinerary are all managed efficiently by the system, leading to a strong level of consistency across the site.

Total sessions to the client’s site increased by 35.74% and they experienced a 27.81% bump in goal completions over the course of 12 months (originating from organic search, referral sites, and direct traffic).

Zeroing in on the client’s organic traffic numbers, they experienced a 50.67% increase in site visits and saw 49.07% more goal completions in the last year (originating from organic search only).

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