Qsafe.ie Primary School Signage

Qsafe.ie is a website that was developed by Journey Graphics to provide a range of Covid19 solutions. It has quickly become the market leading online store for social distancing floor graphics and signage for all walks of life, from retail stores, offices, sports clubs, places of worship and schools.

Rather than applying a “one solution fit’s all” approach, Journey have taken care to explore each environment and focused on understanding the target audience before creating the appropriate messaging.

With this in mind, before the re-opening of schools, we created a range of signage and infographics specifically tailored to the younger audience as feedback we were receiving from schools was that existing official Covid19 signage was not suitable for young children and was aimed at a more adult audience. In researching this we also received feedback from Gaelscoileanna that the options “As Gaeilge” were also limited. Following on from this we created a range of child friendly signage available in both English and Irish which followed the student’s journey through the school environment.

1. At the school gate – we created a large sign for school gates showing the various stay safe messages using a range of childlike characters that were created bespoke for the project (boy and girl), each drawing indicates the appropriate stay safe message.

2. Inside the school grounds – we created a range of stencils for outdoor marking to create safe queuing.

3. Inside the school building we created a range of floor graphics to enable the school to create one way or two way systems in the corridors and keep office locations and staff only areas clearly marked.

4. Stair riser graphics were created to keep stairways safe and where appropriate indicate when to keep to the left.

5. Within the classrooms we created a new Classroom Rules poster which proved very popular, using the same childlike characters throughout, along with a range of posters with simple to understand messages for young students.

All of the above were created in both Irish and English and printed bespoke for schools with their own school logo as an option.

The feedback we received back from schools was extremely positive and we continue to receive orders as one school see’s what another school has put in place.

A Few Words About Qsafe.ie Primary School Signage

“As a school we had to get the COVID message across to people, from four year old children up to adults. The infographics, designed by Q-Safe were really helpful. They sent very simple, yet very clear messages to everyone. The designs are very child friendly and the lettering on the signs is perfectly sized and very clear.

We also purchased some of the signs in Irish. The wording and grammar is perfect.”

Pádraic Fay
Principal, Saint Josephs School Dun Laoghaire


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