Outside the Box Brand Identity

OVERBOX offer a storage solution that enables customers to gain extra space over their car parking space. Over bonnet storage boxes are a genius innovation that provides the functionality of garage shelving, bike racks and storage cabinets all rolled into one unit, enabling you to efficiently use your parking space to its maximum capacity.

When it came to developing their brand identity, our clients explained to us that the boxes themselves would essentially be a promotional tool with the branding placed directly on them alongside a QR code to direct people to their website.

With that in mind, we knew we needed to create a logo that was “outside the box” to make an impact. After brainstorming among our team, we developed the logo we present below. The icon cleverly incorporates the O and the B into the shape of a box supported by a bold red for further impact.

Once the logo was signed off, we worked with our clients to develop an easy-to-navigate online shop that gives customers the option to buy outright or to sign up to a subscription model whereby they pay a monthly ‘rental’ fee.

If you are looking for an “Outside the Box” idea for your logo, say hello@journeycreative.ie.

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