Luxury Florist Brand Identity

Forest Green is a luxury gifting company that specialises in a bespoke floral service and premium gift offerings. They approached Journey to create a complete brand identity that aligns with the exquisite one-of-a-kind arrangements they curate.

The visual identity is driven by the unique personality of the brand: magical, elegant, mysterious and contemporary.

Our team then went through an extensive packaging exercise to create a range of complimentary assets, from bags and boxes to gift cards and care guides; all with the intention of conveying the sense of luxury and sophistication. Presentation and attention to detail is a priority in all aspects of Forest Green, so every piece of collateral had to reflect the creativity & artistry which lies at the heart of the business.

The packaging materials used throughout is uncoated and tactile with a colour palette of neutral teal and copper allowing the natural beauty of the flowers to take centre stage. Traditional foil block printing and the use of a classic typeface add to the timeless elegance of the design.

In tandem with the packaging design we created an e-commerce website for customers to order bouquets and gifts online. This required a bespoke solution to be built that allows customers to customise their arrangements and select add-ons to create truly custom gifts.

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