Wine Discovery Branding

Journey was asked to develop a full suite of artwork for a wine tasting event for a fine dining Wexford restaurant, Green Acres. The event, which Green Acres were calling “a voyage of wine discovery” had some of the top producers of wine from numerous countries attending and sharing their passion and their wines.

Firstly in creating a brand for the event – Green Acres Wine Discovery, we wanted a version of a logo that would marry up quite closely to the Green Acres logo. In using the circular shape of the restaurant’s logo along with elements of curved text, and the brands green and silver we felt it was quite recognisable as a Green Acres. Then using a tall condensed font in the centre with a stand out gold feature of the wine bottle and corkscrew in place of one of the letters, it is clear to distinguish the name of the event from the restaurant name.

We designed an attractive Wine Tasting Brochure for the event with a clean, exclusive quality, describing the event to visitors, in addition to having information on each of the wine producers and their wine offerings. Guests could also take tasting notes on each wine they tasted on each page. The brochure cover with imagery of the wine glasses reflecting the vineyards displays the grapes origins and journey to the glass.

Additionally we produced several other items for the event such as lanyards for tradespeople, producers and general public, pullup banners, tent cards for the tables, invitations and more. The complete collection of artwork for the Green Acres’ event complimented the restaurant and made for a fantastic wine discovery opportunity.

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