Annual Reports with a Difference!

The Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation is a a non-governmental charitable organisation devoted to peacebuilding and reconciliation within and between communities affected by violence.

Being a charitable organisation, they rely on the contributions of their supporters in order to continue to provide their invaluable service. Therefore, the annual report is a key opportunity to connect with stakeholders and the public, communicating the impact they are having. Our mission was to raise their profile, create awareness and do justice to the important work that Glencree does – lifting the report from a historical account of what they did last year to a celebration of the incredible results their supporters made possible.

To gain a true understanding of the centre and the work they do, some of our team made a site visit. Based in the mountains, Glencree is beautiful, peaceful and remote – projecting a feeling of historical sense and tranquility. With a deeper understanding of their values, their work, and the site itself, we developed a visual identity that tells the story of Glencree in an honest and authentic way. The idea of remembering the past in order to build something positive for the future was brought to life through a scrapbook concept, detailing the year’s activities through a combination of ‘crafty’ elements and textured treatments.

The resulting piece really speaks to the sensitivity, hope, and optimism with which Glencree approach their work and was very well received at the annual AGM meeting. Journey have now designed their annual report for the past 3 years – here’s to the next one!

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