Rebranding a Landmark

Based on emerging trends in urban environments, millennial spending and dining patterns and an established interest in food experiences and food culture, Food Halls have emerged as the foremost growth area in retail, entertainment, dining and urban development projects for the future.

They are the neighbour that everyone wants; generating footfall and delivering potential customers to adjacent businesses, creating a steady influx of visitors, locals tourists for entire neighbourhoods.

James O’Connor and the Green Acres team were exploring the potential usage of the available vacant premises on North Main Street Wexford, with an outline idea of it becoming a wine bar/café aimed at a young target audience.

Journey were engaged to develop a new identity for the proposed store that would fit with a Wexford experience, based on the past ownership and usage of the premises i.e. Frank O’Connor and the Bakery. The building itself too, a well recognised landmark, had plenty of design inspiration that could enrich the final identity of the new store.

The name came from the original owner and operator of one of the first bakeries on the street, Frank O’Connor, he was widely known locally as a believer in community and helped out wherever possible.

We wanted ‘Frank’s Place’ to be recognised as somewhere that ‘has returned to its roots, a place humming with warmth and character and style, a home from home where you will encounter no strangers, only friends you have yet to meet’.

Frank’s Place. Make it Yours.

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