Designing Luxury Gift Set Packaging

Mookie & Boo is a luxury lifestyle brand that design and produce handcrafted wellbeing products. Their wellness products are based on the ancient teachings of Ayurveda where self-care and nourishing one’s energy channels are the key to bring balance and peace to their lives.

Journey were tasked with designing the packaging for two new products; The Ayurvedic Ritual of Sleep and the Ayurvedic Bathing Ritual. Playing on the themes of balance and energy we created a custom Mandala design. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means ‘circle’, which represents the balance of the elements and the unity, harmony and infinity of the Universe.

The ‘Rituals’ are accompanied by Yoga Nidra Meditation’s and we incorporated QR codes into the design that can be scanned to access the online meditation practices.

The project champions a calming and minimal aesthetic with a refined, neutral colour palette, realised on premium papers with luxe gold foiled details and texture. Implemented across both gift sets, these pieces elevate the overall brand experience, whether they sit on the shelf of a high-end shop or are received as a gift.

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