CONNECT RP is a training and consultancy company that aims to support people in developing themselves personally and professionally. They achieve this through training and mentorship that gives individuals, schools/organisations and communities the skills to improve relationships, communication and wellbeing.

CONNECT RP’s workshops are based on UbuntuLearning, a South African philosophy centered around ‘humanity towards others’ and they approached Journey to bring their branding more in line with this ethos.

The new logo design incorporates two central themes that are important to the CONNECT RP brand; a giraffe and a circle. Used as a company mascot, the giraffe is known as a restorative animal, as they have the largest hearts of all animals and a long neck that RP practitioners would say enables them to see all perspectives, whilst a circle represents ‘connection’.

With the objective of reaching an audience in both the education and corporate sector, the identity had to convey a professional yet warm and nurturing tone, whilst also referencing the programme’s African heritage.

Rooted in the foundation that developing a culture of care and respect allows people to flourish and connect in their community, the logo uses shapes, and colours to define those goals visually. The giraffe speaks to the company’s warm and welcoming personality whilst playful African patterns are explored as a backdrop and anchored by the strong typography.

The client was delighted with the result in managing to tick many boxes with the one logo, and looking forward to implementing the logo across a range of other areas such as their website, uniforms and promotional material.

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