Annual Report Design

Following the commission of a research and scoping study in 2019, Glencree developed of a 5 year strategic plan. This plan outlines 5 strategic objectives, an explicit commitment to strong organisational governance and an undertaking to engage in ongoing monitoring, evaluation, learning and review.

One of Glencree’s new goals was to be awarded a Good Governance Award in the non-profit sector. Part of the criteria for winning this award is dependent on the company having an outstanding annual report design that complies with a range of quality benchmarks.

In light of Glencree’s new strategic direction and with the Good Governance assessment criteria in mind, Journey created an entirely new design for that year’s annual report. We crafted a more corporate style to tie in with the high level government agencies partnering with Glencree, yet it was important to retain their essence of a peaceful, supportive and heartfelt organisation.

It was important for us to design a cover that accurately reflected the monumental year that the world had just experienced due to COVID-19. Using screenshots of participants of online events held throughout the year we created a collage in the shape of the Glencree heart. An accurate representation of both the separation and unity caused by the pandemic.

Another direct result of the pandemic and the absence of in-person events meant a distinct lack of available imagery. In order to transform the text heavy narrative into visually engaging content we used infographic-inspired elements such as data visualisations, illustrations, and iconography.

Glencree’s annual reports in both 2020 and 2021 were named on the final shortlist for the Good Governance Awards.

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