Annual Report Design 2022

Despite being filled with texts, graphs, and pictures, an annual report doesn’t have to look bland. Kildare County Council, wanted their report to have a vibrant feel to it, because they are proud and excited for the work they’ve accomplished this past year.

At the beginning of the project, we were supplied with a raw, text-only document and our team relished the opportunity to turn this into an engaging and easy to digest report that used colour, imagery, and other elements to improve the reading experience.

For this year’s report we introduced infographic spreads highlighting key strategic plan achievements. These stunning custom infographics help to turn otherwise bland stats into vibrant and engaging focus points.

As part of the Council’s drive for greater accessibility for all, the report was also designed with the latest accessibility guidelines through compatibility with screen readers and carefully structured layouts and hierarchy.

The resulting piece really speaks to the vision and objectives of the Council and was very well received at the annual AGM meeting. Journey have now designed their annual report for the past 2 years – here’s to the next one!

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