Key Considerations for Staffing Your Exhibition

14th September 2023
Posted in: Exhibition

In this short blog, I will share my top tips for selecting the right people to work on your stand at an exhibition.

This is one of the most important considerations to make, and quite often, unfortunately, we see that the company should pay more due care and attention to those selected to represent companies on their stands.

First and foremost, you need to appoint members of your team who are enthusiastic about your company and what you are selling. They need to be clear on the objectives you’ve set for this conference and be able to stand confidently and talk to the crowd to represent your business in the best light.

If you have a large stand, consider deploying a mix of employees – that is, executives, sales and marketing specialists and technical support persons as each person will fulfil a vital role in dealing with prospects and ensuring that your presence at the event runs smoothly. For example, research indicates that technical support people are especially valuable for giving on-the-spot solutions about high-technology products or services and relate better to show visitors with similar backgrounds.

If your budget limits you to having only a few people on the physical stand, have a MS Teams link wired to your appointed technical staff so they can jump in – if required to answer visitors’ questions.

Visitors remember far more about the exhibit than just the booth design and literature they have to hand – it’s the conversations they have and the confidence instilled in them by your team of employees.

To summarise, when it comes to staffing your event, you want people who are proactive and enthused about your business. They need to be well versed on what your objectives of the exhibition are and the products or services you are looking to sell and have a proficient skill in communications.


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