Illustrating the Irish Spirit for St. Patrick’s Day

15th March 2024
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Step into the creative world of our design team as we bring the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day to life through a series of custom illustrations. From concept to sketches to digital art, we wanted to take this opportunity to capture the essence the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The process began with our team sitting together with a piece of paper, chatting, and sketching out characters that represent being Irish, our love of dance, of family and community. Nothing like a good aul history session on a Wednesday morning… 

Drawing Irish Dancers
Drawing of Irish Dancers
Paddys Day Dawing 01
Father and Son Drawing







Next came the transformation from traditional sketches to digital art. Armed with our suite of digital tools, we breathed life into our creations, adding colour and typography.

Digital Transformation from Illustration to Graphic
Digital Transformation from Illustration to Graphic








The theme of this year’s St Patrick’s Day Festival is ‘Spréach’, the Irish word for Spark, which represents the unique essence of Ireland and of Irish People. Across the globe, people hold a special place in their hearts for Ireland. Our Spréach is what sets us apart and what brings us together. If you look closely at the finished designs, you’ll see how we have incorporated intricate little details, paying homage to the theme that defines this year’s celebrations.

St Patricks Day Father and Son
St Patricks Day Father and Son
St. Patrick's Day Irish Dancers
St Patricks Day Irish Dancers

These illustrations are a gift from us to you. We wanted to share the joy and spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, hoping for them to be shared amongst friends and loved ones, spreading the magic of St. Patrick’s Day far and wide and celebrating that unique Irish Spark.

Wishing everyone a fantastic and memorable St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

The Journey Creative Team

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