How to Select the Right Exhibition for Your Company

14th August 2023
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Exhibitions are a proven marketing tool that deliver exceptional brand awareness, lead generation, networking and business growth results. However, with so many exhibitions popping up in Ireland and internationally, it can sometimes be overwhelming for business owners and marketing teams to determine which ones are the right fit for the business.

There can be considerable costs involved in exhibiting, not to mention the time commitment, so you want to get the best return possible. Keeping that in mind, we have put together, with the help of the late Bob Dallmeyer, an exhibition marketing specialist, this list of considerations to help you in your decision-making.

  1. Determine the objectives of participating in the exhibition… are you looking to increase brand visibility, generate leads, launch a new product, or network with industry professionals?
  2. Does the exhibition’s target audience align with your target audience? Carefully review the audience demographics (the published metrics or data about the visitors, exhibitors, press, VIPs etc). The exhibition visitor profile should offer your company a good indication of your target audience will be present.
  3. Evaluate the geographic location of the exhibition. Is it held in a region that aligns with your target audience? Will it be easy to get to? What additional costs are involved in the logistics etc?
  4. Will your competitors be exhibiting? If they are, it’s a good indication that you should be too.
  5. How long has the exhibition been operating for? Do they have a good reputation in the market? Look at past coverage around them, how they have marketed to their audience, have they gained a good turnout in the past, what have previous exhibitors have said about their experience.
  6. Consider the scale of the exhibition, larger ones may provide more visibility, but at a more intimate exhibition, you most likely will have the opportunity to have focused interactions.
  7. Review the agenda of the exhibition. Are there opportunities for you to be a speaker which will further promote your business as a thought leader?
  8. The part that we’re always keen to understand is the floor plan of the exhibition. We want to see how we can make your business stand out to its full potential, so we are always looking out for the location, size and design parameters we can work to.
  9. Evaluate the total cost of participating in the exhibition; this includes your registration fees, travel and hotel expenses, stand build, collateral required etc. Calculate your potential Return on Investment (ROI). Is it affordable?
  10. Will there be networking opportunities at the exhibition? For example, will there be fellow industry members there that you wish to meet with during the time?
  11. Do you and your team have the capacity to do the necessary follow-up post-event to continue engagement with the leads you’ve gained?

We will delve into these points further over the coming weeks, but if you’re in the process of selecting or planning what exhibitions to participate in for 2023 and 2024, drop us a line at, we’d be delighted to lend an ear over a coffee.




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