A New Direction – The Story Behind our Rebrand

31st January 2023
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Absolute has undergone a big rebrand, giving a makeover to everything from our name and logo to our website and identity, and in turn refining the values, philosophy and positioning of our brand.

We’re excited to announce that as of February 1st,
2023, we have a new name and brand identity:
Absolute are now called Journey

Absolute has undergone a big rebrand, giving a makeover to everything from our name and logo to our website and identity, and in turn refining the values, philosophy and positioning of our brand.

Having started life in 2003 as a printing company, over the years we have grown, changed and matured. We’ve become so much more than a print company – we’re a team that turn challenges into opportunities, inspire our clients to dream big and help them create outstanding things. Something we’re proud of.

So, we want to say a big, bold hello and re-introduce ourselves as Journey – your partner for your brand’s creative adventure.

Journey Logo Animated

Evolving a 20-year brand for the future

Absolute launched almost 20 years ago now and grew organically over the years as we built up our client base and expanded our service offering.

The industry is moving at a rapid pace and we reached a point where our brand story and image didn’t fully reflect the way the company had evolved and all the activities we have been engaged with. We’ve always tried to avoid being pigeonholed for a particular output and always remain open to explore new media and communication tools, which is a good philosophy for these changing times.

However, we were finding inconsistencies in the way different clients perceived us because our brand message and image hadn’t caught up and articulated our offering clearly enough. We discovered that people saw us in different ways: some clients still held the perception that we were purely a print studio, some saw us as a graphic design company, others as a web design agency.

It was at this point that we realised we needed to address the issue, and that the best way to do this was to completely rebrand Absolute, to reflect what the company is, and wants to be in the future.

Marketing and creative teams strategise the rebrand
Marketing and creative teams strategise the rebrand
Finding the brand message

The main aim of the rebrand was to clarify perceptions and unify messages about what Journey stands for, what we do and what our interests are, with the hopes that this will attract like-minded people that the agency wants to do business with.

Whilst we continue to pride ourselves on the craft element of our work, we came to the realisation that perhaps we have been underplaying the amount of strategic thinking that we put into our projects. We needed to fully acknowledge and express that what we do at Journey is a full-service approach that brings together every aspect of customers’ communications in a unified brand experience. From naming and branding to graphic design and printed collateral, online presence and carefully curated content, we are there for every step of the creative journey.

We have created a brand that, as Managing Director Eddie Byrne put it, “…reflects who we are as an agency: Strategic, organised, driven by top-notch design and great service, but also sincere and approachable. We are with our clients for the long-term and this change reflects the agency’s growth and evolved service offering.”

Managing Partner Dermot Malone added, “As we have expanded our offering to be what our clients need most, our visual identity has to mirror the shift. Over our 20-year history as a business, we have and will always continue to evolve to stay ahead of industry trends and market changes, to strategically support the needs of our clients and our people.”

Rebranding a company isn’t easy, some would call it a bold move. It turns out that being bold was the only way that we could have gotten to where we are now. And it was that same attitude that gave us the confidence to take that big, bold leap and start a new chapter for our company.

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead!

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